Our History

The story of Saravoan Kep

The town of Kep was established in 1908, and during the 1960s and 70s, it was considered the top destination in South East Asia. It was a playground for wealthy people, who came to enjoy the beach and surrounding natural beauty.

Kep declined during Cambodia’s dark years, but many of the grand colonial buildings still remain, and visitors can still get a feeling of the past glory.

It is easy to understand why Kep was so popular, and why it has such a bright future The sea-views are incredible, as are the surrounding lush-green hills of Kep national park. The weather is warm all year round, and being so close to the sea provides a cool breeze making Kep the perfect place to escape from the heat of the city.

In recent years, Kep has been rediscovered, with both Cambodians and foreigners making it their favourite getaway spot.  We are very happy that more people are experiencing this beautiful part of the world, and we have designed our hotel so that they get the best possible experience of Kep.

Kep is the perfect place to simply relax and enjoy the view. But more adventurous travellers will also find plenty to do. You can Trek in the national park, take a boat to Rabbit Island, visit the famous Crab Market, explore the salt fields, or visit temples and other areas of interest. Our staff will be happy to arrange any activities for you.


Kep Beach

Saravoan is just meters away from Kep beach. In the 60s and 70s, this was a playground for the rich, and one of the most visited destinations in South East Asia. It is easy to see why. On clear days, you can experience a stunning view of many islands that lie in the Gulf of Thailand. The sea is generally calm and the perfect temperature for swimming. The beach is popular with Khmer tourists, who love to spend the weekend enjoying food and drink with their friends at the various dining platforms and sea-food vendors along the coast. As you sit and watch the ocean, you may notice it has an incredible array of different colours. Deep blue, grey, green and cyan tones can be seen which, when combined with the orange and pink skies that often appear in the evening, makes this a view not to be missed.

The Crab Market

This is the best place to enjoy seafood in Cambodia. Each morning, the boats come in bringing fresh produce that is cooked on the spot by one of the many vendors. Tourists and locals come here to eat crab, squid, swordfish, and many other delights from the ocean. Do not expect a five-star experience, the crab market is loud, chaotic, and authentically Cambodian, which makes it all the more enjoyable. If you want the full experience, arrive at sunset to witness the fishing boats make their deliveries. But, if you are not such an early riser, the market is open until early evening. There are also stalls selling ornaments, clothes, sunglasses, herbs and spices (including the famous Kampot pepper), and other items.

Kep National Park

One of the highlights of Kep, suitable for causal tourists and adventurous trekkers alike. Enjoy the unspoilt Cambodian jungle, from the safety of well establish paths as you explore this unique part of South East Asia. There are viewpoints where you can enjoy the ocean (including Sunset Rock which beautiful place to watch the majestic display of pink and orange clouds as the sun sinks into the sea). When walking in the national park, you can stop for refreshments at the famous Led Zep café, where you can enjoy stunning ocean and mountain views).

Rabbit Island

Just a short boat ride today, this small and tranquil island is the perfect place to relax for a day. You can swim, take a short walk around the island to discover secret beaches, or enjoy some seafood from one of the traditional restaurants on the main beach. Boat trips can also be arranged to visit other local islands, with the option of fishing and snorkelling.

Wat Samathi Pagoda

This little-known but beautiful temple is close to a national park, built on top of a hill where you can experience one of the best views in Kep (you can see the salt fields and coast that stretches to Vietnam). You can either brave the stairs or drive right up to the temple. The temple itself is generally open to the public (but please dress modestly). Inside are is a collection of ancient statues and brightly painted scenes from the life of Buddha adorn the walls.

Other Attractions

There are plenty of other things to keep you busy in and around Kep, including butterfly farm, pepper plantation, cave, traditional villages and temples. Just ask us and we can arrange the perfect day-out for you.
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